"..These pickups are beasts - they are not "hot "  ......they are nuclear..."
" ...My face is hurting through constant grinning when I play..."    
Ironstone electric guitar pickups logo

Welcome to Ironstone Pickups, upgrade & replacement electric guitar pickups 
specialists based in Rutland, England. 
Using Alnico V magnets for the best vintage tone, Ironstone’s range includes; 
Stratocaster ( Strat), Telecaster ( Tele ), and Humbucker pickups. 

The site includes pickup specifications, sound clips (for best pickup comparisons),
 Technical Support articles on Strat, Tele and Humbucker topics, 
and customer feedback examples to best judge other customers views. 
The range also includes the Ironstone Custom Gilmour ‘Black Strat’ Stratocaster scratchplate, 
5 way Telecaster control plate & pickup set, and a selection of complimentary electric guitar upgrade products.

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Ironstone Telecaster Tele electric guitar pickups
"..just fitted the pick-ups and they are great, I just turned a £100 Tele' into a £400 Tele' in 20 minutes...."
Classic Tele 'Twang'. Telecaster Alnico V & III pickups, available as Bridge (with optional plate), Neck or sets. Try this Telecaster sound clip.

Telecaster Bridge - Clean


A range of hand build electric guitar upgrade & replacement products to enhance the Ironstone pickup range.

Ironstone onboard electric guitar pre-amp FX
4 stages of switchable on-board gain and true bypass. A very versatile active electronics upgrade, particularly for Strats, and Teles.
"What an amazing gadget. works perfectly, like a guitar supercharger"

Ironstone Stratocaster Strat electric guitar pickups
"...took the guitar to the gig last night & it truly rocked! Your p/ups have turned a nice Squier into a truly great GUITAR..."
Ironstone's Alnico V Stratocaster range features 4 grades. Try these 'Strat'  samples from the sound clip bank 

Silver Grade Pickups - Bridge

Gold Grade Pickups - Apache

Platinum Grade Pickups - Neck 'Drive'

Hybrid Grade Pickups - Neck 'Drive'

Ironstone Gilmour Black Strat scratchplate pickguard
A fully loaded Gilmour 'Black Strat'
Stratocaster scratchplate assembly with your choice of Ironstone Strat pickups and custom switching

"Looks and sounds perfect. Gilmour tone out of the box. Thank you!" 

"In one word, awesome!"

The Ironstone Humbuckers

Ironstone Humbucker electric guitar pickups

"pickup just arrived, the sound is
 exactly what I've heard on 
expensive PAF pups"
Stunning PAF style 4 wire 15.5K Alnico V humbucker pickups available individually or as a set. 
Take a listen to this sound clip!

Humbucker Neck - Hummie Blues


For technical, sales, or other electric guitar pickups queries, please get in touch through the dedicated email address;

Telecaster '5 Way' Complete Set

Ironstone Telecaster Tele 5 way control plate pickups set
Consisting of a set of Telecaster pickups and a custom wired 5 combination Tele control plate including series mode.
"... all I can say is" WOW" the pickups and tone controls are just amazing.."