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"..These pickups are beasts - they are not "hot "  ......they are nuclear..." 
 " ...My face is hurting through constant grinning when I play..." 

Welcome to Ironstone Pickups, upgrade & replacement electric guitar specialists based in Rutland, England. Using Alnico V magnets for the best vintage tone, Ironstone’s range includes; Stratocaster ( Strat), Telecaster ( Tele ), and Humbucker pickups.

Starting at just £29.99 for a set, full prices for the range are shown on the 'purchase & offers' page on the navigation bar. 
The range also includes the Ironstone Custom Gilmour ‘Black Strat’ Stratocaster scratchplate, 5 way Telecaster control plate & pickup set, and a selection of complimentary electric guitar upgrade products.  


Ironstone Stratocaster Strat electric guitar pickups
"...took the guitar to the gig last night & it truly rocked! Your p/ups have turned a nice Squier into a truly great GUITAR..."

Ironstone's Alnico V Stratocaster range features 4 grades. Try this 'Strat'  sample from the sound clip bank.

Stratocaster Gold Pickups - Apache


Ironstone Gilmour Black Strat scratchplate pickguard

"Looks and sounds perfect. Gilmour tone out of the box. 

Thank you!" 

"In one word, awesome!"

A fully loaded Gilmour 'Black Strat'
Stratocaster scratchplate assembly with your choice of Ironstone Strat pickups and custom switching



Ironstone Telecaster Tele electric guitar pickups
"..just fitted the pick-ups and they are great, I just turned a £100 Tele' into a £400 Tele' in 20 minutes....."

Classic Tele 'Twang'. Telecaster Alnico V & III pickups, available as Bridge (with optional plate), Neck or sets.

Telecaster Bridge - Clean


Ironstone Telecaster Tele 5 way control plate pickups set
"... all I can say is" WOW" the pickups and tone controls are just amazing.."

Consisting of a set of Telecaster pickups and a custom wired 5 combination Tele control plate including series mode.


Humbucker Guitar Pickups Alnico V

"pickup just arrived, the sound is
 exactly what I've heard on 
expensive PAF pups"

Stunning PAF style 4 wire 15.5K Alnico V humbucker pickups available individually or as a set. Take a listen to this sound clip.

Humbucker Neck - Hummie Blues


Ironstone onboard electric guitar pre-amp FX
"What an amazing gadget. works perfectly, like a guitar supercharger"

4 stages of switchable on-board gain and true bypass.
A very versatile active electronics upgrade,
 particularly for Strats, and Teles.