Humbucker Pickups Sound Clips


 Humbucker Sound Clips
The Ironstone pickup family shares the warm vintage tones of the Alnico V pole pieces, with the individual character of the humbucker design blended with that base for rich warm classic rock tones.
The clips below give a representative sample of the tones available.  The Players may take a few seconds to load and IE8+ may not be compatible with them. Please use alternative browsers e.g Firefox, Chrome etc. 

Ironstone are happy to include good quality customer's clips - please just email us. 



Thanks to Nev Jones for professionally recorded clips using a Zoom 4040 direct to PC with Adobe Audacity.

Humbucker Bridge - 'Clean' Lead

Humbucker Neck - 'Clean' Lead



And more Drive tone recordings
from Nev Jones.

Humbucker Bridge - Drive Chords

Humbucker Neck - Drive Chords

Humbucker Bridge - Overdrive

Humbucker Neck - Overdrive


Thanks to Dave Taylor for an extended Humbucker blues piece , using line6 ux2 into sonar home studioxl with gearbox plugin (plexi amp), tube driver od, reverb and a dash of delay. It switches between both pups, with the tube driver on for the second section.

Humbucker Ironstone Blues

To show the mellow side, a lovely version of the Hendrix classic, Wind Cries Mary. Thanks to Kieran Docherty-Gilroy (and his Dad Rob who built him the guitar!) for the clip.



Two extended pieces from Nev to show off the Ironstone Humbuckers!

Humbucker - Mixdown Blues

Humbucker - Hummie Blues (Neck)

Another extended piece, this time from Erik Spiekermann on one of his custom guitars from es-music ( in the Netherlands.

Humbucker - Bluesy mix; es-music